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This brioche is so worth having on your counter waiting for you in the morning that it makes you forget all the waiting involved while making it. I honestly don’t mind the timing and when I see dough all puffed and doubled in size it makes me super happy! It’s perfect to eat as is, lightly toasted with butter and jam or used for french toast. It keeps for 6 days in an airtight container and also, it smells and tastes delicious 🙂 You can definitely make it by hand without a stand mixer. if you try it, let me know! (find the recipe for my french toast here ) INGREDIENTS: 3/4 cup warm milk 1 tbsp instant yeast 3 large eggs, at room temperature 1/2 cup sugar + 1 tablespoon 5 tbsp melted and cooled butter (around 70 gr) 1 tsp salt 4 1/2 cups bread flour or all purpose flour Poppy seeds, optional For the egg wash: 1 egg 1 tsp water Method: Place the warm milk in a medium sized bowl …

Samah’s Mango Yogurt with Fruits and Granola

One of my best friends’ 2 favorite things in the world include: mangoes and yogurt with granola and so I couldn’t not make something in her honor. The following recipe is for 2 people. The beauty of this recipe is that you can use absolutely any fruits you like or combinations. Smash a ripe banana with a few strawberries, passion fruit with chunks of peaches, figs!!! Mango and peaches, mango and blueberries…you get my point… A little tip: this tastes better if it sits for half an hour in the fridge. Ingredients: 1/2 cup Labneh or natural yogurt 1/4 mango, peeled and sliced 1 tablespoon of honey or to taste Strawberries, raspberries A handful of granola for each bowl. Method: Mash the mango. Add the labneh to a bowl and whisk to loosen it up a bit. Add mango to labneh and add the honey. Mix well. Divide in 2 serving bowls. Top with granola and fruits. Drizzle some more honey or even maple syrup. Enjoy!!! Buon Appetito!

Avocado Toast & Eggs

Few are the things that top the simplicity and taste of an avocado toast with eggs and whether its for breakfast, lunch or dinner these are hard to resist. Im sorry in advance for making you drool now but you will thank me later as these come together in 10 minutes! Ingredients: Favorite bread, toasted 1/2 an avocado, smashed Egg cooked as preferred Salt & Black pepper Method: Mash the avocado with a pinch of salt. Spread it over the toasted bread. Top it with egg Season with salt and black pepper Buon Appetito!

French Toast

Who, I ask, doesn’t simply love French toast??? Perfect for breakfast on a Sunday morning or even as dessert after dinner…indulgence never hurt anyone right?? Try adding different flavors to the egg mix like nutmeg or even orange zest. I love them with warmed good quality maple syrup or my homemade salted caramel… Buon Appetito!!! Ingredients: 6 thick slices of Brioche or bread 2 large eggs ¾ cup of milk 1/ 2 teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon of vanilla A tiny pinch of salt Butter Method: Beat together eggs, milk, salt, cinnamon and vanilla. Heat a skillet over medium high heat and add a nob of butter. Put each slice of bread in mixture and let soak on both sides. Place in pan without overcrowding and fry on each side until golden brown. Serve hot.

My Aunties’ Brioche

Armenians do a variety of sweets for Easter celebration. My favorite, well actually the whole family’s’ favorite, were my Aunties sweet brioche. We used to wait for them and, obviously, wouldn’t last for long. I got the recipe from her when I was very young and I have been making them every year. Now I only make a Kg..she used to make minimum 6 kg…for the whole family. I always make the dough in the evening before going to bed and cover it carefully with many layers of kitchen towels and blankets to keep the warm so it rises properly…its always a joy to wake up the next day to a beautifully fluffy raised dough! I love these with my morning coffee or with fresh lemonade. Ingredients: 1 kg all purpose flour, sieved 6 eggs, at room temperature, plus extra to glaze 1 cup melted butter 1 cup milk 1 1/3 cup sugar 2 tablespoons of yeast 1 teaspoon of Mastic 1 tablespoon Mahlab Method: Place the flour, mastic and mahlab in a big bowl …