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A New Toast for the New Year

Today’s horoscope: On new year’s eve, or any other eve worth celebrating, there is a big chance you will be holding a glass of Champagne, toasting and wishing for a better year ahead, for peace with thy neighbor, and for a merry life.

This year our toasts are even more significant. Latourba have launched “UNIQUE“: a sparkling brut white wine; not only that. “UNIQUE” is the first Lebanese and regional sparkling wine on the market made in the traditional “Champagne” method and aged on lees for 18 months.

Latourba’s recent venture into the sparkling wine sphere is not a mere hazard nor a coincidence. It is a carefully studied move that started in 2006 in Saghbine (west Bekaa region of Lebanon) that led to the first produced vintage in 2014.

Latourba vineyard overlooking the Qaraoun damn in the west Bekaa of Lebanon. Courtesy of Latourba

Prior to tasting Latourba “UNIQUE”, I had no expectations. The freshness and richness of this sparkling wine is deemed celebratory. This year, bring this excellent wine producing region of Lebanon to your table and enjoy this local produce with friends and family.

In addition to the sparkling white wine, today Latourba winery produces delightful young wines, a private selection of dry red wines, and barrel-aged monocepages from their single vineyards of Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, and Chardonnay.

UNIQUE” sparkling wine can be purchased from Latourba Boutique, Symposium Lounge, Sin El Fil. +9613007161 | +9611498799.

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